Multi-Purpose Luxurious Massage Oil – Small Pack (165ml)

A multipurpose oil that promotes hair lustre and skin health.

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Powered by Jojoba, Argon and Almond, Creamart’s multipurpose hair and skin oil is your magic potion for achieving healthy, acne-free skin and hair that defies breakage.

Creamart’s oil constitutes of ingredients like Vitamin A, Jojoba, Almond, Sesame, Argon and Olive – it can’t get better than this. Whether it’s fighting wrinkles, scalp itchiness, reducing puffiness or frizz, this easy to carry effective solution is all you need for a trip, some relaxing downtime or a quick fix for your skin and hair.

Add this multipurpose oil to your everyday routine before and after you shower to give your hair and skin a luxurious experience.

No more flakiness, dryness, breakage or wrinkles. We have the solution.


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